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Queen Elizabeth Park

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Queen Elizabeth Park

Dear friends, I am someone who absolutely loves photos. A photo like artwork can really speak to you and also a photo can be so inspiring that it may even be a catalyst so that you can create something very special in your own little piece of the world. 

Rebel's Favorite photos!

"I believe that having a yard is actually a privilege and my philosophy is to help create a frame of landscaping around your house that allows it to reach it's full beauty potential. My passion is landscaping and most of my Saturday's are spent creating and surrounding myself with beauty in my own yard, during the week I create beauty in other peoples yards. It's a great lifestyle. I personally took and chose the following photos for only one reason, I like them, and I hope that they will inspire you as well."-Robert Vincent Sims, Sims Landscape, 352 383 3303

These 12 Photos were taken by my Saturday producer Levi May. All these come from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I think he has an artistic knack for photos, I am sure you will enjoy them.

Potted Entrance Garden

This is a bougainvillea tree

Deck overlooking Koi pond

Exotic Jade vine at my friend's house

Phoenix sylvestris is one of the prettiest palms as well as the most expensive

Columnar orchids in exotic Asian pots

Staghorn Fern, Platacerium 'Superbum'

Lower left Anthurium hybrid

Color on any patio makes a statement.

Royal Poinciana in full bloom Palms on inter-coastal in Ft. Lauderdale

Pogota flower with a butterfly on left corner

Columnar magnolia accented with gold lantana (which attracts butterflies).

Dale Chuley glass sculpture at Fairchild Gardens rare plant house.

Water Lily garden, Fairchild.

Assorted palms around private pool

Bismarkia Palm Garden at Fairchild Gardens in Miami.

The center palm is a Bismarkia

Elephant Ear at Fairchild Gardens

Outrageous butterfly at Butterfly World

Center plant is the Desert Rose

Epipedendron orchid (terrestrial)

Note the orchid, center background

Can you give me a hand with this! I hope it fits in my truck?

Bromeliads and orchids on cabbage palm trunk. The large ground plant is a Zamia

Salmon Cassandra with Jade stone

Beautiful finch

Customer request I want very simple clean organized look